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Slipped discs, also known as herniated or bulging discs, can be very painful. Located between each of the 24 vertebrae, the spinal disc has a jelly-like interior, surrounded by a tough, fibrous exterior covering. Acting like shock absorbers for the spine, they cushion the vertebrae and prevent bone-on-bone contact.

When one of the spinal bones moves out of position, is Subluxated, or is not moving correctly, it places pressure on the disc, causing the gel interior to push up on one side, causing it to slip or bulge on the side away from the stress.

That may put extra pressure on the surrounding structures, such as nerves, that branch off the spinal cord, causing pain, either acutely or over time, as well as a host of other neurological symptoms, such as numbness, tingling or weakness to the legs and feet. If you’re suffering from slipped discs, finding an experienced chiropractor in Singapore can help address your pain and discomfort.

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Causes of Slipped Disc

When it comes to herniated discs, anything that puts pressure on the vertebrae may cause an issue. Automobile accidents subject the body to enormous pressure, and whiplash injuries to the neck are common. Postural problems and improper curvature of the spine also put an abnormal load on the discs. Whatever the cause, the instability damages the fibrous covering, allowing the gelatinous material to seep out and impinge on the nerve.

Our herniated disc chiropractors in Singapore provides chiropractic care for pain and discomfort due to these common causes of slipped disc:

Age-related Degeneration

As we age, the spinal discs naturally undergo degenerative changes. The discs lose water content, become less flexible, and are more prone to tearing or rupturing, leading to a slipped disc.

Trauma or Injury

Sudden trauma or injury to the spine can cause a slipped disc. This includes accidents, falls, or lifting heavy objects improperly, which can exert excessive force on the discs and cause them to herniate.

Poor Posture

Maintaining poor posture for extended periods puts uneven pressure on the spinal discs. Slouching, sitting or standing in a hunched position, and improper body mechanics can contribute to developing a slipped disc.

Repetitive Movements

Engaging in repetitive movements or activities that involve twisting, bending, or lifting can increase the risk of a slipped disc. Over time, the repetitive stress on the spinal discs can lead to wear and tear, making them more susceptible to herniation.

Weight and Lifestyle Factors

Being overweight or obese strains the spine, increasing the likelihood of a slipped disc. A sedentary lifestyle, lack of regular exercise, and poor muscle strength can also contribute to spinal disc problems.

Understanding the causes of a slipped disc is crucial in implementing appropriate chiropractic therapy and preventive measures. If you suspect a slipped disc or are experiencing symptoms such as back pain, leg pain, or numbness, consider booking a consultation with Chiropractic Studio Singapore to help address your condition and provide non-surgical methods to manage the pain.

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Symptoms herniated disc chiropractors may be able to address:

  • Back pain: Persistent discomfort in the back, ranging from a dull ache to sharp and intense pain.
  • Bowel disturbances: Changes in bowel habits, such as constipation or difficulty controlling bowel movements.
  • Loss of sensation in the extremities: Numbness or decreased sensation in the arms, legs, hands, or feet.
  • Muscle spasms: Involuntary contractions or tightening of muscles in the affected area.
  • Numbness or tingling: Sensations of pins and needles, tingling, or a “falling asleep” sensation in the arms, legs, or other extremities.
  • Sharp pain: Sudden and intense pain that may radiate down the arms or legs, known as radicular pain.
  • Weakness in the extremities: Reduced strength or difficulty in performing tasks that require muscle power in the arms, legs, hands, or feet.
These symptoms may vary in intensity and duration depending on the slipped disc or herniated disc’s severity and location. It is essential to seek professional evaluation and chiropractic therapy from a chiropractor experienced in slipped disc management to address pain, improve function, and prevent further aggravation of symptoms.

Chiropractic Studio Singapore Slip Disc Chiropractic Therapy

At Chiropractic Studio Singapore, we use chiropractic adjustments to restore normal motion, alignment, and integrity to the spinal joints. With slipped discs, gentle adjustments of the vertebra above and below the affected segment have been shown to help alleviate much pressure and reduce many symptoms. We are often asked about pinched nerves resulting from disc issues. Nerves are vital to all motor, sensory and neurological control of the body. If the nerve is impaired, it may affect nerve function and reduce function in the body. Gentle, specific Chiropractic care helps restore integral movement to the spine, alleviate pressure on the pinched nerve, and allow the body to do what it’s designed to do—using its self-healing, self-regulating function to restore the body to its absolute best. Our slip disc chiropractic therapy options include:

Chiropractic Studio Singapore’s team of chiropractors utilise chiropractic adjustments for spinal realignment and address the pressure on the affected disc. These gentle and targeted adjustments restore spinal alignment, reduce inflammation, and promote natural healing.

Spinal decompression therapy is a non-surgical technique to relieve pressure on the affected disc. Our herniated disc chiropractors in Singapore employ various equipment to gently stretch and decompress the spine, creating negative pressure within the disc. This promotes the retraction of the herniated material and improved nutrient exchange within the disc.

Customised rehabilitation exercises are prescribed to strengthen the supporting muscles and improve stability in the affected area. These exercises restore proper movement patterns, enhance flexibility, support recovery, and prevent future issues.

Herniated disc chiropractors at Chiropractic Studio Singapore provide lifestyle and postural advice to optimise spinal health and reduce the risk of recurrent slipped discs. They educate patients on ergonomic practices, proper lifting techniques, and exercises to maintain a healthy spine.

By offering a holistic approach to slipped disc chiropractic therapy options, Chiropractic Studio Singapore strives to provide chiropractic care that address the root cause of the problem, manage pain, and improve overall spinal function.

Benefits of Slip Disc Chiropractic Therapy in Singapore

Slip disc chiropractic therapy in Singapore can offer support for individuals seeking non-surgical and drug-free solutions to their condition. These therapy options provide several advantages, including:

Chiropractic adjustments and therapies help manage pain associated with a slip disc by reducing pressure on the affected nerves and promoting natural healing within the spine.

By realigning the spine and reducing inflammation, chiropractic therapy options aim to improve spinal function and mobility, allowing individuals to perform daily activities with greater ease.

Slip disc chiropractic therapy in Singapore is non-invasive, avoiding the need for surgery or medication. This makes them a safe and gentle option for individuals seeking conservative care.

Herniated disc chiropractors provide individualised care tailored to the unique needs and conditions of our clients in Singapore. They create customised plans that address specific concerns and promote optimal healing.

Rather than merely addressing symptoms, chiropractic therapy options focus on identifying and addressing the underlying causes of slip disc, helping to prevent future occurrences.

By reducing pain, restoring function, and enhancing overall well-being, slip disc chiropractic care can help with an individual’s quality of life, allowing them to enjoy daily activities and return to their regular routines.

How to Maintain After Getting a Slip Disk Chiropractic Therapy

After receiving slip disc chiropractic therapy from Chiropractic Studio Singapore, it is essential to follow specific guidelines to maintain the benefits and support your recovery. 

  • Adhere to Home Care Exercises: Your chiropractor may advise on specific exercises to strengthen the supporting muscles and maintain spinal health. Consistently perform these exercises as instructed to promote stability and prevent reoccurrence.
  • Practise Good Posture: Maintain proper posture while sitting, standing, and lifting objects. This helps reduce stress on the spine and discs, promoting a healthier spinal alignment. Chiropractic Studio Singapore also recommends our posture correction therapy to help improve your posture.
  • Avoid Prolonged Sitting: Take regular breaks from sitting, especially if you have a desk job. Stand up, stretch, and move around to alleviate stress on the discs and promote circulation.
  • Engage in Regular Physical Activity: Participate in low-impact activities, such as walking or swimming, to keep your spine flexible, strengthen supporting muscles, and maintain overall fitness.
  • Follow Your Chiropractor’s Recommendations: Continue attending scheduled follow-up appointments as your chiropractor advises. They can monitor your progress, make necessary adjustments, and provide ongoing guidance for maintenance.
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What to Expect During Your Visit

When you book an appointment with Chiropractic Studio Singapore for your slipped disc therapy, you can expect a holistic approach that addresses your needs. The appointment will typically involve the following:

The initial assessment includes conducting a posture analysis to determine any spinal or pelvic imbalances or misalignments that may contribute to your slipped disc. This analysis helps guide the plan for improving alignment and alleviating symptoms.

A thermographic scan will be performed for further spinal health assessment. This non-invasive procedure helps detect inflamed areas and nerve interference by measuring temperature variations along the spine. It helps guide our herniated disc chiropractors on what approach to apply.

You will have a consultation with our herniated disc chiropractor to discuss your symptoms and the type of therapy recommended for your condition. Our chiropractors will guide you and address your questions before you begin chiropractic therapy.

You will then undergo a physical assessment that includes motion tests, neurological examinations, and orthopaedic evaluations. This assessment provides our team with the information we need to identify the therapy approach.

Chiropractic adjustments are a vital element of slipped disc therapy. Your herniated disc chiropractor will perform techniques that help adjust and realign the spine, restore joint function, reduce nerve pressure, and improve overall well-being.

Additional diagnostics, such as X-rays or specialised imaging, may be necessary to assess your condition further. The chiropractor may also recommend lifestyle modifications to complement the chiropractic care you need to manage your slipped disc.

Chiropractor Profile

DC. Qi Wei (Chiropractor)

Qi Wei, a dedicated chiropractor, brings her expertise and passion for natural holistic care to her patients. Originally from Malaysia, she has been practising in Singapore for the past three years. Qi Wei has a solid educational background after graduating with distinction from the renowned AECC University College (formerly Anglo-European College of Chiropractic) with an MSc in Chiropractic — not a medical or dental qualification. Her involvement in the Newborn Feeding clinic showcases her commitment to patient care, working alongside midwives to support breastfeeding and ensure optimal spinal and nervous system health in newborns. With a wide range of patients from 4 days old to 93 years old, Qi Wei’s compassionate approach and dedication to bringing patients back to health underscore her belief in natural holistic care.

DC. Mabel Soo (Chiropractor)

Mabel Soo, a chiropractor driven by the desire to make a meaningful impact, embraces a holistic approach to health that honours the body’s innate healing potential. With a Bachelor of Health Science and Bachelor of Applied Science (Chiropractic) from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology — not a medical or dental qualification, Mabel is well-equipped to provide care. Her commitment to continuous learning is evident through her completion of ICPA courses, the Academy of Functional Paediatrics (Plagiocephaly)— not a medical or dental qualification, and Gonstead seminars, further enhancing her expertise. Mabel’s genuine passion for creating positive change in people’s lives drives her dedication to empowering individuals on their journey towards improved health and well-being.

Frequently Asked Questions About Slip Disc Chiropractic Therapy in Singapore

A slipped disc typically cannot heal on its own. While some mild cases may improve over time, proper intervention is often necessary to address the underlying issues and promote healing. Seeking chiropractic care from a healthcare professional, can provide ways to manage symptoms, alleviate pain, and support the healing process for a slipped disc.

The number of chiropractic sessions needed for a herniated disc can vary depending on various factors, including the severity of the condition, individual response to the therapy, and the specific plan recommended by the chiropractor. In general, multiple sessions are typically required to address a herniated disc effectively. At Chiropractic Studio Singapore, we can assess your condition and create a personalised plan that may involve a series of sessions spaced over several weeks or months to achieve optimal results.

Sometimes, a slipped disc can lead to permanent nerve damage. When the herniated disc puts pressure on nearby nerves, it can cause symptoms including pain, numbness, or weakness. If left untreated or if the pressure on the nerves persists for an extended period, it may result in permanent damage. Seeking prompt medical attention and appropriate therapy from a medical professional, is crucial to prevent further complications and minimise the risk of permanent nerve damage.

No, a slipped disc cannot potentially recur after therapy, as long as it is by a trained and licensed Chiropractor. While therapy can manage symptoms and promote healing, the underlying factors contributing to the initial disc slips may still be present. Factors such as poor posture, weak muscles, or repetitive stress can increase the risk of recurrence. Following post-therapy recommendations, such as exercise, maintaining good posture, and adopting a healthy lifestyle, is essential to minimise the chances of a herniated disc recurring. Regular check-ups with a chiropractor from Chiropractic Studio Singapore, can also help monitor and address potential issues.

Surgery is not necessary for all cases of slipped discs. Most cases of slipped discs can be effectively managed with conservative therapies such as chiropractic care, physical therapy, and lifestyle modifications. Surgery is typically reserved for severe cases that do not respond to conservative treatments or when there are significant neurological complications. Consulting a healthcare professional to determine the most appropriate approach based on the individual’s specific condition and needs is essential.

To make an appointment with Chiro Studio Singapore’s herniated disc chiropractors, you can visit our website and navigate your way through our booking section. You can also email us at hello@chiro-studio.com or contact us via WhatsApp at +65 6909 2701. Our team will attend to your enquiries as quickly as we can.