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The shoulders are controlled and coordinated by structures that connect with the spine. So pain in this area can indicate some form of dysfunction at the root, near the neck. Left unmanaged, it may manifest as pain in your shoulders.

Indicators and Potential Causes

When nerves in the cervical spine are interfered with or irritated, it can cause several issues. Headaches, stiff necks, and other problems are possible. Radiating pain in your shoulder area is one. It is essential to have a full assessment to determine where the issue originates before addressing it and correcting it.

Our Chiropractors assess members using various indicators, such as range of motion, the integrity of the soft tissues, and x-rays of the neck and mid-back. If it’s related to the spine, we’ll also see decreased mobility, restriction, and Subluxation in the neck. Evaluating the results gives us a direct understanding of the problem.

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During the healing and recovery process, even if the member is feeling better, we
always ensure the clinical indicators are clear, and we can be confident that the
problem is resolved as planned. And if needed, we will work with other practitioners to deliver your desired results.

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Healing the Body, Not Symptoms

Research has shown that Chiropractic is helpful for many conditions. All communication stems from the spine, so we can address the issues once we determine what’s going on there. Our holistic approach is based on working with your body’s ability to heal and self-regulate to ensure that all parts of your body are doing what they’re supposed to and receive the information they need to help them function at their best.

Anyone with a spine and nervous system may benefit. We encourage everyone to visit a Chiropractor because we know that proactive and regular maintenance of health, particularly the spine, helps prevent many spinal problems. The earlier you begin care, the better the outcome, especially regarding the quality of life.

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