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The cervical curve in the spine and proper posture were designed by nature to help absorb physical and gravitational stresses on the body. This system begins to develop shortly after birth, and we must maintain this spinal alignment and curves for proper shock absorption and joint mobility.

More people are working from home, so proper positioning becomes an issue. Staring at a computer screen for hours may strain your eyes until you move your head closer without being aware of it. Finding a space to work that’s at the right height and a suitable chair can also be problematic.

The Problem With Technology

With the rise in technology use, the cervical curve is constantly challenged and, in some cases, reversed because of the lack of movement needed to stimulate the spine.

Increasingly sedentary lifestyles, prolonged sitting at a desk, and excessive computer and cell phone usage, have led to forward head posture, also known as an anterior head syndrome or “text neck.”

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When the head is repetitively stressed forward, and the weight is unevenly distributed in the spinal joints and discs, it may cause spinal misalignments (known as Subluxations) and, eventually, pain symptoms. Pain is the body’s internal alarm system, letting you know something isn’t right.

Postural Problems

Poor posture is one of the significant contributors to cervicogenic headaches, neck pain, and shoulder aches. Forward head posture has also been linked to abnormal sensory-motor control and autonomic nervous system dysfunction, impacting body functions in the background.

In the Studio, we aim to support and enhance the spine’s curves with specific and gentle adjustments. Our approach focuses on improving movement very delicately and gently as well. We have some cervical traction units and lumbar mobility exercises to help support those curvatures.

Proper Posture Is Possible

Our Chiropractors will find the cause of your problem, correct it, and get you back in action safely. Schedule a Consultation today!

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