Chiropractic is one of the most widely recognized noninvasive, effective ways to manage lower back pain. The American College of Physicians has recently updated its guidelines for the recommended management of acute, subacute, and chronic back pain to include spinal manipulation. According to studies it is a more cost-effective option, has greater outcome measures, and should be used as a first-line defence in managing back pain.

Our Approach

The pain often originates from everyday stresses—sitting for a long time or prolonged immobility—which fits most office workers. You’re exposed to these micro-stressors daily, which eventually accumulate, leading to pain. With that lack of motion, your spine becomes fixated, leading to Subluxation.

Joints are made to move; Subluxation affects the health and normal design of the joints, leading to issues with the surrounding structures like nerves. It’s important to note that pain is usually the last sign of something wrong. What was happening before your symptoms appeared?

That’s one of the main reasons our Studio approaches care holistically. It’s not just about pain; it’s about supporting the person’s health and well-being. Living a healthy lifestyle ensures your spine and nervous system function optimally, even before pain exists.

We focus on proper alignment, integrity, and spine movement, using specific spinal adjustments to promote healthy spinal function. Along with adequate nutrition and regular exercise, we encourage the role of a healthy spine in overall well-being. Health is our most valuable asset, so we encourage everyone to seek the most effective means to keep their body functioning 100%.

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The Next Steps

If you don’t know the problem, there’s no practical way to deal with it. The most crucial step is identifying the problem and developing the most appropriate action plan. We are transparent with our members, advising them what the problem is and what’s best for their condition.

Our patient-centred approach considers not only the symptoms but also your personal goals, level of activity, and specific stresses at work on your body to customise the care you receive. Clinical recommendations vary, but the plan for an adjustment remains the same—to promote better alignment and movement patterns in the spine and, ultimately, better function of your nervous system, improving your quality of life.

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